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Never lose your keys again with this DIY antler key rack

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Project and text by Paul Lewis

The design for this key rack is inspired by the kitschy decor of old cottages. You know the style: tattered felt pennants, faded photos of ’40s-era regattas and, invariably, an antler mount. I was keen to bring this campy style to my cottage so, with no actual antlers to mount, I built my own. Enlarge the template at right, shown one-quarter scale, or download the full-size version here.

• Use spray adhesive to attach the template to 1/4″ Baltic birch plywood.

• Cut out the antlers with a jig saw or a coping saw, and peel off the template. The base is just a 4 1/2″ length of 1×3 pine with the ends cut at 45°.

• Cut these angles with a fine-toothed handsaw and a mitre box. Sand the parts with 150-grit sandpaper to smooth the edges and remove any stray template pieces. All you need to attach the plywood antlers to the base is yellow carpenter’s glue.

• While the glue sets up, hold the antlers in place with green painter’s tape, which won’t leave any sticky residue on the wood. The corner of each antler should protrude beyond the back of the base; they will hide the sawtooth hanger that mounts your trophy.

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