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Repurpose old tires for cheap extra seating with these DIY tire seats

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Got some old tires hanging around? Upcycle them to make these simple yet fun seats. They’re great for additional seating options around the campfire or just about anywhere. Here’s how to make yours:

Start by washing the tires off with warm soapy water. Make sure the runoff doesn’t go into the lake. Mark and drill four holes around the tire, with an equal distance between each, and bolt together using 2″ zinc-plated or galvanized hardware.

Next, drill the holes for your rope to pass through. Begin in the centre and work your way outside, again making sure that they’re an equal distance apart. Be sure to drill big enough for your rope to pass through.

Estimate the amount of rope you need by running it back and forth over the top of each hole. Once you’ve determined the amount, cut, singe, and knot your rope before starting on the inside and working out.

Pro tip: Make the holes a little bigger than the rope size to help it from fraying while passing it back and forth through each hole.

Once one side is complete, cut a new piece of rope, and weave it over and under your first one to create the mesh effect.

Make sure to drain any stagnant water from the inside of the tires after rainfall.