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Kick back and relax with this simple DIY Leopold bench

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Watch our DIY expert, Adam Holman, build a Leopold bench! Here’s how to make yours:

• Begin by cutting a 2×8 on a 30-degree angle. We will be making two of these, which will act as the long legs of the bench. Next, measure 33 inches from end to end and cut again at 30 degrees.

• On one of the ends, measure 2 inches in and 6 inches down. Connect these with a line and cut out the piece. This will give you the notch where your back support will rest. Make the exact same cut on your second piece.

• Next, cut your two shorter legs 18 inches long and at a 30 degree angle on both ends.

• Use a 2×10 for the seat and cut it 45 inches long. For the back, we used a 2×6 cut at 48 inches.

• Use a router to round all the edges of your wood and then sand them to 150 grit.

• Clamp one of your long legs and one of your short legs together so both rest flat on the ground.  Then, drill three holes and use galvanized carriage bolts with lock washers to hold them together.

• Do this for both sides before attaching your seat.

• Use 2 ½ inch deck screws to attach your seat and backrest. Flip the bench on its front side to make attaching the back easier.

• Use a stain and an exterior coating if you plan on leaving your bench outside.

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