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Create your own spa getaway with this DIY bath caddy

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You deserve a little TLC! This DIY bath caddy offers you some much needed “me” time and there’s even a spot for your wine glass. This convenient caddy will be your new best friend and bath buddy. Here’s how to make yours:

• Begin by measuring the total distance across the top of your tub. We cut our 1×12 pine board to 29.5″ and then used 1×6 pine for the book holder.

• Use a 1×1 for your underside brace so the caddy doesn’t slip off the tub.

• A Forstner bit will sink your candle pockets into the wood and a hole saw will cut a spot for your wine glass. We used a router to bevel the edges and add a cell phone holder, but this is optional.

• Sand all your pieces and stain. We used a polyurethane/stain combination because there’s a possibly it will get wet.

• Don’t forget to pre-drill your holes before glueing and screwing your pieces together.