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Go out on a limb and get festive with our DIY Christmas tree

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Build your own tree of lights this holiday season with our DIY Christmas Tree. Here’s how to make yours just in time for Christmas:

1. Start with a 2×10 piece of pine. Mark and measure to make your length and width the same, then screw them both together.

2. Find the centre of the wood and drill a hole.  It’s crucial for this to be as straight as possible before inserting the dowel.

3. Layout your branches thick to thin. Our tree had 34 layers total.

4. ind the centre of your first branch (the thickest one), and break off any excess. Make a mark and drill a small pilot hole before using the bigger bit to reduce the risk of splitting.

5. Ream out the hole so it’s not too tight and slide it down the dowel.

6. Work your way up the tree stick by stick until you get to the top. Take your time when drilling the smaller pieces as they can split very easily.

7. Use a handsaw to trim off any extra dowel from the top.

8. Dress the base, add some lights, and you’ve got yourself a Christmas tree!

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