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Your pet will give this DIY industrial dog bowl a woof of approval

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Your furry friend relies on you to do what’s best for him or her. So why not make feeding time a little easier (especially for our big dog friends out there) with this DIY industrial dog bowl? Plus, it’ll add a nice rustic touch to any space. Tail wags for you!

• Begin by cutting a 2 x 12 piece of pine at 28”, and then find the centre of the board. We used 8” dog bowls for this project. For a perfect fit, use a jigsaw and cut your hole 7 ¾”. Don’t forget to drill a small hole within the circle for a place to start your saw.

• Using a roundover router bit, soften all the edges before sanding smooth with 80-grit sandpaper and working your way up to 150-grit. Finish the wood with your choice of stain.

• We used 1” iron pipe for the legs, which consisted of: eight flanges, two 5” pipes, four 3” pipes, four 2” pipes, and four tee fittings. Secure these to the underside of the wood using ¾” wood screws.

• On the bottom we added furniture pads to keep the pipe flanges from scratching the floor. You could add some varnish or epoxy to the top for a waterproof finish.