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This DIY “birdhouse” has a sneaky feature

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• Begin by cutting 2 pieces of 1×6 pine at 7 ¾“. Mark a line 3” from the top of each board, cut each side on a 45-degree angle to give you the peak of the birdhouse.

• Cut another piece at 5 ½”, mark a 45-degree line that matches your roofline and cut this board in half (2 ¾”) to make your walls.

• The roof is made from 5 ½” and 4 ¾” pieces of pine and the base from a 5 ½” piece of pine. Add a strip of carpenters glue to each edge and let it dry overnight. Glue the sides of the birdhouse first and then the roof to the sides. Use masking tape to hold everything tight together. Once dry, paint with exterior paint.

• The perch is made from a ½” dowel cut at 2”.

• Attach your base to the house using zinc hinges to minimize rust. Add a magnetic catch to hold the bottom closed and eye hooks to hang your goods.

• Cut a roof shingle at 5 ½” and screw it on using 1 ½” deck screws. Add a round felt furniture pad as a fake hole and glue on your perch.