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All that your special place at the lake is missing is a DIY cottage sign

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Is your cottage even really yours without a personalized sign? Add a unique personal touch to your place with a DIY cottage sign. Here’s how to make yours:

• Begin by printing out your name on plain paper with a font of your choice. We used legal size paper. Lay out any extra symbols or designs and tape everything together.

• Measure the height and width, then cut your spruce plywood to that length. Don’t forget to leave room for hooks!

• Use carbon paper (from Staples) to trace your design onto the wood, then a chisel or router to cut it out. Sand any rough edges and drill your holes for hooks.

• Use a blowtorch to burn the wood. The rougher the wood, the better the burn will look. Hold the flame close to the wood but move it quickly for an even distribution.

• Add some colour to your sign, or coat with any exterior finish if it will be outside.