8 absolutely adorable foxes with squinty eyes

We’ve all done it—taken a selfie or photo where our eyes are only half open. It turns out, we aren’t alone. Our annual photo contest always brings in tons of entries featuring foxes with squinty eyes. Yet they somehow seem to look a lot cuter than us—not fair.

If you’ve seen a fox, squinty or not, chances are it was a red fox. Red foxes are born blind and don’t gain their vision until they are nine to 10 days old. Once they can see, it seems that whether they are laying in the sun or on the hunt in the snow, they constantly have their eyes narrowed. This is because their eyes are highly light-sensitive. (For more facts about the red fox, check out this Wild Profile.) We think foxes with squinty eyes have a friendly and lovable look, one that matches their often rambunctious behaviour (just watch these kits playing in Algonquin Provincial Park).

If you’re looking for more about the clever and cute fox—like how fast they run—you’ll want to read these 12 facts about the sly animal. And if these squinty-eyed foxes have only ignited your love of cute animals, check out this gallery of these 10 photos that capture all different types of animals sharing some love. Or, have a good laugh at the sake of these funny-looking moose.

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