9 hilarious awkward moose photos

Ah, the moose, what a majestic animal—such grace, such beauty. And rare enough that it still feels like a treat to see one. Though they do have a history of popping up in unexpected places (like the time one searched for snacks in the lobby of Alaska Regional Hospital or the other time one showed up on the deck near a Calgary man’s window to cheer on Team Canada), most of the time you can observe them from afar.

But who among us hasn’t been caught in an unflattering photo? Sometimes you’re mid-bite or you can’t manage to angle your good side toward the camera—these moose understand the struggle. Please enjoy these nine not-so-flattering candids of moose in the wild.

Did you know that moose are actually quite picky about what they eat? They prefer to eat rare plants within their habitat range, primarily feeding on trembling aspen, black poplar, and willows. And, if they’re lucky, Red osier dogwood, which is the “ice cream of the moose world,” says Dr. Vince Crichton, certified wildlife biologist and retired manager of Game, Fur, and Problem Wildlife with Manitoba Conservation. Thanks for putting in terms we can understand, Dr. Crichton.

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