Moose shows up at Calgary house to cheer on Team Canada

moose at Window of house looking in Photo courtesy of Matt Duncombe

In a truly Canadian moment, an errant moose sidled up to a Calgary man’s house this week to check out the Olympic coverage that was playing on his TV.

Matt Duncombe was watching the bobsleigh event when he noticed that a moose had come up to his window to watch. “#CBCOlympics Your coverage is attracting a diverse audience,” he tweeted, and included the hashtag #MooseareCanadianstoo.

Whoever handles the CBC’s social media accounts was clearly amused. “LOL Who is this critter?!” they wrote. Duncombe answered, “Friendly neighborhood moose, here in Calgary. Little fella was just looking for a bobsleigh update.”

Many people have their own superstitions when it comes to watching sports games and plenty of us secretly believe that our watching habits can influence the outcome. So is having a moose watch the game good luck or bad? Well, it all depends on how you look at it. Kaillie Humphries and Phylicia George of Canada’s Olympic bobsleigh team won bronze at the Pyeongchang Games, an outcome we can all be proud of. However, the women’s team won the gold in the two-woman bobsleigh for the last two Olympics, so winning bronze was a bit of a come-down. Clearly, the effect the moose had on the event remains … inconclusive.

Either way, the moose was highly appreciated as cheerleader by plenty of Canadians. “Did you offer him a beer?” one person asked on Twitter. “This is how I imagine Canada,” wrote someone living in Los Angeles. And even Team Canada itself got in on it, tweeting, “Lol bobsleigh game so strong even moose want to watch.”

The Winter Olympics have always been a big deal for Canadians, and we can get pretty competitive. However, if there’s one honour we don’t have to compete for, it’s having the most passionate fans — wildlife included.

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