This video of two moose emerging from the fog will leave you in awe

Photo courtesy of Mark Newby

Early mornings by the dock are typically met with the sun rising, birds happily chirping, and a cup of coffee in hand. To their surprise, cottagers on Maple Lake Mark Newby and his father, were up early enjoying the lake view when they had a visit from two majestic moose, which left them in complete awe. Luckily for us, this foggy morning on Maple Lake in Carnarvon, Ontario was captured by Newby on video.

Although Newby has grown up seeing moose while on his way to his family cottage, “it’s not every day that you walk outside with your morning coffee to see two moose swimming towards your house,” he says.

The two moose continued to swim closer to shore and emerged from the water to climb up the bank and disappear out of sight.

It’s videos like this that remind us to appreciate the beautiful moments on the dock — with a side of great Canadian wildlife, if you’re lucky.

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