Watch these fox kits take full advantage of parent-free playtime

Apparently, the saying holds true for all species: when mother’s away, the children will play.

In this video, three sneaky red fox kits take advantage of their time home alone to venture out of their den and have some fun. At first, only two of the young are brave enough to venture out into the sunlight, but with some urging, they convince their sibling to leave the den and join them. The frolicking that follows may overload your capacity for cuteness. The kits jump and pounce on an old rabbit bone, scramble up a small hill to explore the underbrush, and are just generally fuzzy and adorable.

Justin Hoffman captured the lovely footage in Ontario’s Algonquin Park, home to many red foxes, among other wildlife. Red foxes are generally nocturnal, but apparently these young ones just couldn’t pass up the chance to spend some time outside unsupervised. We, for one, are glad for their tiny rebellion.

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