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Creative kitchen storage for the cottage

Creative and functional kitchen storage is always a hot design topic—at least in my world. And there’s no reason it should be any less important at the cottage. With a variety of cooks in the kitchen, some being very familiar and others not so much, it’s crucial that storage be practical and accessible.

The most fundamental storage system that seems to work for everyone is corralling objects into some form of container, such as a basket.  


Or why not get creative and use vintage tins that you’ve collected?

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You can also keep counter surfaces clear by attaching them to the wall.

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Another great idea is to put a cottage collection to use. For example, if you have a great set of dishes at the cottage, use some of the serving pieces and jugs of different sizes together to store utensils. If you keep it on a tray, it’s easy to pick up and move when you need the space.

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If you do a lot of baking or cooking at the cottage and you need to have a whole bunch of utensils at your disposal, use a trolley to contain everything. Pull together a variety of containers for an eclectic look.

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Some people can’t stand the cluttered look of “stuff” on the counter. My sister is like this, but for some reason she has no problem with a massive pot drawer full of utensils that get all stuck together. Here is a great way to avoid that horrid utensil drawer.

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Cutlery is often used inside and out on a regular basis. Why not put them in mason jars inserted into a basket with handle. When it’s mealtime, grab the basket and head to the dock with it.

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Speaking of dock meals, trays are a necessity but they’re quite cumbersome. Try this idea using tension rods as dividers in a cabinet.

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A great idea for keeping all of your regularly used items together and accessible is re-purposing an old shutter-style door into cooking utensil central.  

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 And one of my own personal favourite kitchen storage ideas is the vintage canister. I use mine for cookie cutters and miscellaneous baking utensils. This is not to say that I bake often, but when I do, I know exactly where to find everything!

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