Are Lake Huron’s water levels on the upswing?

Lake Huron

As it turns out, the heavy rains we’ve been experiencing this summer aren’t all bad.

According to a report by CTV, Lake Huron’s water levels have rebounded somewhat. This comes as welcome news, since earlier this year, Lake Huron and Lake Michigan reached their lowest points since reporting began in 1918, and the remaining three lakes were well below average.

Lake Huron’s levels are now up by about 50 centimetres, however, it’s important to note that they’re still well below historical averages.

While steps are being taken to address the Great Lakes’ water levels, it’s not likely to be a quick or easy process. Months ago, the International Joint Commission (IJC) recommended that Canadian and U.S. governments investigate structural options to restore water levels in Lake Michigan-Huron, which could include sills, dikes, weirs, inflatable flap gates, inflatable weirs, and hydrokinetic turbines. However, these solutions are only expected to restore water levels by 13 to 25 centimetres—much less than what’s been restored naturally so far.