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Kick up your cottage storage with this DIY bucket shelves project

Rustic buckets on wall holding items By Stacey Brandford

Our cottage entryway is a magnet for stuff that doesn’t have a permanent home.  Hats, sunglasses, flashlights, sunscreen, keys, and other items always end up somewhere near the door, usually underfoot. After years of staring at the rusty old buckets languishing at the side of our shed, I had an inspiration. Why not use them to create a decorative storage area? The buckets work perfectly to contain that entrance clutter, and could be installed anywhere.


Metal buckets of all shapes and sizes.

Latex paint

Paint brushes

Screwdriver and screws


Toggle bolts (optional)

Step 1:

Savage. Look for buckets in your shed and at the dump, re-use centres, garage sales, or antique shops.

Step 2:

Paint. Scrape off any rust before you paint. Choose the colours and begin by roughly painting the inside of the bucket. For a distressed finish, while the paint is still wet, wipe some off with a rag to expose areas of the metal. Repeat the procedure for the outside of the bucket.

Step 3:

Arrange. Once the buckets are dry, lay them out on the floor for a rough idea of how you want them arranged on the wall.

Step 4:

Mount. Drill mounting holes in the buckets. Hold the bucket in place and screw through its base into the wall.

Rustic buckets on wall over coat hooks
By Stacey Brandford


  1. If you plan on storing heavy items, or mounting the buckets on drywall, use toggle bolts to secure the buckets or make sure that you screw them into a stud.
  2. Wooden buckets add a vintage feel to the bucket wall, if you can find them.
  3. Old kitchen canisters and food tins also work well for smaller items.

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