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5 creative kitchen utensil storage ideas

When you’re away at the cottage, you want a place to relax and unwind. Unfortunately, I find the smaller square footage often leads to more clutter, especially in the kitchen. This is a room that’s just a magnet for clutter and junk. With limited countertop and cupboard space, it can be difficult finding places to store all of your kitchen necessities. And one of the worst culprits is the dreaded utensil drawer – you either can’t find what you’re looking for or can’t even get the drawer open! Here are some simple creative ideas for storing your kitchen utensils that will not only make life easier for you but can be a fun way to add a little pop and personality to the space.

Hang ’em up

Hanging utensils on hooks or racks on the wall and ceiling has been a staple of kitchen design and organization for a long time. But let’s take this a step further—why not use unexpected items that add to your kitchen’s rustic feel? Mounting things like oars, driftwood, or fishing net on the wall is a cool way to make utensil racks totally unique and fun. Another option is to use pegboard but paint it a bright colour. Lime green or sunshine yellow can transform this boring white material into a vibrant kitchen focal point.

Seal them in plastic containers

This is an easy and practical solution that works especially well for storing cutlery. It’s a fact of cottage living that little critters like to take up residence in your comfy abode. Sealing your cutlery in containers with lids means you don’t have to worry about any four-legged friends running across your utensils, and this means less stress and clean-up for you when opening up the cottage in the spring. That to me is a win-win situation!

Use funky containers

If you want to add some splashes of colour or decorative accents to your kitchen, funky containers might be the perfect answer. Going for a classic farmhouse look? Galvanized metal pails or mason jars can easily hold your utensils while creating that country vibe. If rural artisan is more your thing, try colourful ceramic containers placed on the counter or shelves. Whatever your personality or design esthetic, there is the perfect container out there waiting for you.

Make the most of your cupboard space

If you prefer a more minimalist look and want to keep your utensils out of sight, make your cupboards work double time. Adding a strip of wood and hooks to the back of the cupboard door is a perfect spot to hang smaller utensils, while under-the-counter shelving can easily double your total storage area. For storing plates or pots and pans lids, try a rack on the side of your cupboard wall.

Think magnetic strips

Mounting magnetic strips on your kitchen backsplash is a great spot to house your cooking knives—it gets them out of the way and makes them easier to reach when you’re in the heat of the cooking moment.

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