Hike Killarney Provincial Park


Killarney Provincial Park is considered to be one of Ontario Parks’ “crown jewels.” The trails found in this park range from one to 100km, though all of Killarney’s hiking trails are uneven and rocky, in part created by the La Cloche Mountains’ white quartzite cliffs. Therefore, whether the trails are easy or strenuous, sturdy footwear is important. While the 100km La Cloche Silhouette Trail is better known than some of the others, hikers don’t have to do it in its entirety. The west section of the trail crosses over forested hills, small streams and rivers; the east section is more strenuous, heading uphill to a ridge that provides the perfect view of the surrounding landscape.

Looking for even more outdoor fun? The park also provides a guide outlining 11 different canoe routes, complete with lake and portage descriptions.

Amenities: Washrooms; showers; laundry facilities; campsites; boat launch; canoe rentals; stores; roofed accommodations.

How to get there: Only one major road runs through the southern tip of Killarney Provincial Park toward Killarney, which is Highway 637. It can be accessed from Highway 69, which runs north and south from Highway 400 up to Sudbury.


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