Hike the Haliburton Forest and Wildlife Reserve

Haliburton Forest

This unique, privately-owned reserve is located on 70,000 acres of rolling hardwood forests, lakes, rivers and wetlands, just a few hours north of Toronto. Nature trails, bird watching and wetland eco-system tours are all available in the forest and provide great opportunities for spotting wildlife, but if you’re looking for the ultimate hiking thrill, you can try Haliburton Forest’s Walk in the Clouds. Professional guides will lead you through a unique tour, travelling all the way from river basin to treetop, where you can view the white pine canopy up close.

Another feature the forest has become renowned for is its Wolf Centre, a 15-acre enclosure that contains numerous exhibits, a small cinema/classroom and a large observatory overlooking the wolves’ feeding area.

Amenities: Roofed accommodations; a store; outdoor educational programs; campsites; observatory; mountain bike rentals.

How to get there: The Haliburton Forest can be reached by a number of routes, via highways 118, 35 and 21. The forest covers a vast area of land located south of Algonquin Park and north of the town Haliburton. On Hwy 118 at West Guilford turn north and cross the bridge to County Road 7. From there, follow the large red signs to the Base Camp, which is the entrance into the forest.


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