Hike Mashkinonje Provincial Park

Mashkinonje Provincial Park

Made up of a diverse system of wetlands including marshes, bogs, swamps, fens and ponds, Mashkinonje is the native term for musky, which is one of the largest fish species in the surrounding west arm of Lake Nippissing. Though the wonders of Mashkinonje tend to be known best by field naturalists from the North Bay and Sudbury areas, a group of community and educational leaders came together to develop a system of moderate hiking trails, making the space more accessible to the public. The interesting ecology you will find at Mashkinonje has a deep history, which is said to be a result of a post-glacial lake that once covered the area.

Mashkinonje may be less popular and offer fewer amenities than other hiking destinations, but part of the park’s appeal is that it’s relatively unknown.

Amenities: N/A

How to get there: As part of the Sudbury District, Mashkinonje Provincial Park can be accessed by Highway 64, which connects with Highway 69 south of Delamere and east of the French River.


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