5 farmers’ markets for eating local in Nova Scotia

Farmer's Markets

Fresh vegetables, crafts, paintings, flowers, and preserves are all staples of the weekend Farmer’s market. While many people may think of the Halifax Seaport and Historic Farmer’s Markets, the province has plenty more to offer locavores. Nova Scotia is brimming with markets both big and small, with a variety of different products and vendors. The following are five markets from different areas of the province you might want to visit.

Wolfville Farmer’s Market
Located in the Valley region, the Wolfville Market has more than 60 vendors and is a must see for both locals and tourists. Founded in 1992, a large portion of the market is composed of homemade products, but there are also stalls that sell produce, meat, jams, and jellies and baked goods. Some of the vendors include the Fish Store, Moon Tide Farm, L’Acadie Vineyards, and Maritime Beeswax.
The market is open year-round on Saturdays and on Wednesday evenings from June to December.

Yarmouth Farmers Community Market
On its website, the Yarmouth market defines its vision as wanting to “enhance the health and vibrancy of our community through the development of our local products.” Created with its community in mind, the Yarmouth market focuses on the things that make Yarmouth and its surrounding areas unique. As a blended group of farmers, retailers and artisans, its vendors include Foggy Notion, Sew Natural, and Riverview Produce.
The Yarmouth Market is open every Saturday, on Wednesdays from June to September and on Thursdays in December.

Chester Farmer and Artisan Market
Unlike many of the other markets on this list, the Chester market is seasonal and is open on Fridays from June to October. Even though it has many of the same types of produce and baked goods, what makes this market unique is the seafood. Instead of transporting fish and shellfish from the ship to a truck to the market, shoppers can buy it right off the boat. Vendors include R and R Corkum Farms, Green Hollow, and Blaine Bond Seafood Products.

Bear River Market
The Bear River Market is open every Sunday from May to October. At this market, visitors have the chance to browse, shop, and of course, talk with businesses about their distinctive products. One of the newer markets on the list, Bear River’s vendors include Pumpkin Moon Seeds and Herbals, artist Flora Doehler, and Sledding Hill, which specialises in culinary lavender and chili products.

The Alderney Landing Market
The Alderney Landing Market in Dartmouth is the type of place that shows there are more than two markets in Halifax, and with a variety of products available, Alderney Landing could become your place to shop when visiting the city. Its vendors include the Meadowbrook Meat Market, Antique Spoon Jewellery, The Biscuit Cutter, and Evan’s Fresh Seafood. The Alderney Landing market is open year-round on both Saturday and Wednesday, with a few of its vendors open during the week as well.