The biggest farmers’ markets in Canada

There’s nothing like a good farmers’ market to get you excited about the upcoming season, whether you’re picking up some fresh fruits, veggies, and preserves to incorporate into your fall comfort foods or scouring the grounds for a gorgeous antique. The country has no shortage of markets worth checking out, so to keep things simple, here are the biggest you’ll find from coast to coast.

Kelowna Farmers’ and Crafters’ Markets – Kelowna, British Columbia

With more than 165 vendors, the Kelowna market, which is celebrating its 20th anniversary this year, is one of the biggest in the Okanagan Valley, and runs all year ‘round. Here you’ll find everything from locally produced vegetables, fruits, meats, and dairy to artisan baking, pottery, woodwork, jewellery, and more. More info: 

Crossroads Market – Calgary, Alberta

Calgary’s largest year-round market boasts a variety of exotic treats. A community staple since 1987, the market has a family-friendly atmosphere with more than 100 vendors offering fresh, locally sourced food, including produce and European deli treats. With gems like edible flowers and affogato (a gelato and espresso mix), there’s something for everyone to taste, enjoy, and discover. More info: 

Saskatoon Farmers’ Market – Saskatoon, Saskatchewan

Founded in 1976, the Saskatoon Farmers’ Market is a year-round, member-owned, non-profit cooperative offering local agricultural products, baking, prepared foods, and crafts. Throughout the year, the market hosts special events such as live music, demonstrations by local chefs, and prize giveaways. In the summer months, buskers fill the nearby bank of the South Saskatchewan River. More info: 

Le Marché St. Norbert – Winnipeg, Manitoba

With more than 130 full-time vendors and 50 casual vendors attending each weekend, this market is not only Manitoba’s largest, it’s completely owned and operated by the farmers who display their delicious homegrown and homemade products. You’ll find everything from preserves and honey to artisan jewellery and home decor, with Métis musicians serenading you as you browse the goods. More info:

St. Jacobs Farmers’ Market – Waterloo, Ontario

Located in a charming village of St. Jacobs, just west of Toronto, this year-round farmers’ market hosts more than 400 vendors, making it Canada’s largest. And with a nearby countryside that is home to a community of about 4,000 Mennonites, the meats, produce, and other products found at the market are largely drug- and hormone-free. More info: 

Lachute Farmers’ Market – Quebec City, Quebec

With hundreds of vendors, the year-round market is the perfect treasure hunt for antiques, unique food choices, clothing, shoes, tools, and trinkets. But that’s not all: This large venue is also home to horse auction, which means that after a little live entertainment, food, and browsing, you even have the chance to take home your very own horse. More info:

W. Boyce Market Farmers’ Market – Fredericton, New Brunswick

Located along the shore of the St. John River, the 250-vendor indoor/outdoor market is open year-round, and is known for its fresh East Coast produce and seafood like fiddleheads, fish heads, and blueberries. If you want to venture beyond Atlantic Canadian cuisine, don’t miss Food Alley, where you’ll find a wide variety of ethnic delicacies from Chinese buns to Lebanese stuffed grape leaves and famous samosas. More info:

Halifax Seaport Farmers’ Market – Halifax, Nova Scotia

The Halifax Seaport is the oldest and longest continuously running market in North America. Created in 1750, just a year after Halifax was founded, the market is home to more than 250 vendors. It’s located along Halifax’s waterfront in the vibrant cultural district of the city’s south end where you’ll find artisans, retailers, cafés, galleries, a museum, and a hip scene of university students. More info:

Charlottetown Farmers Market – Charlottetown, Prince Edward Island

P.E.I. loves its potatoes, and at the year-round Charlottetown Farmers’ Market, you’ll find cooked, baked, and fried potato treats in all shapes and sizes, along with advice on how to boil, bake, and even freeze your own. Naturally, this market is also stocked with seafood, so don’t miss out on the world-famous smoked salmon and smoked eel you’ll find here. More info: 

St. John’s Farmers’ Market – St. John’s, Newfoundland and Labrador

Running every Saturday from June until mid-December, the St. John’s Famers’ Market sells locally made, baked or grown Newfoundland and Labrador products like vegetables, meat, preserves and jams, pastries and other sweets, breakfast items, art, jewelry, body care products, and crafts. While it’s the smallest and youngest on our list, it won’t be for long—the market’s vendor list grows in numbers each season. More info: