9 fluffy squirrels who are praying for spring

Once the holidays are over, the rest of winter can feel like a drag. It’s cold, it’s still kind of dark, sometimes the snow melts and you get that gross brown slush everywhere. So, we turn our focus to looking forward to spring: when the days are warmer, you don’t need as many layers, and when 10°C feels like shorts weather (there’s always that one guy who follows through on that, you know the one).

As it turns out, squirrels, one of the most recognizable faces in cottage country, might not be so different than us—they eavesdrop, they get a little tipsy, they operate cameras and build snowmen. (Who knew squirrels were such hobbyists?) And, most of all, they also hope for spring. Well, at least that’s what we think they are doing in these nine photos.

Did you know that baby squirrels are born blind with no fur? And often in the dead of winter! Red squirrel babies can be born as early as mid-February. Dr. Stan Boutin, a biological sciences professor and researcher at the University of Alberta says, “It could be -40°C outside, and these mothers are producing these little babies that are born at about 10 grams in weight with no fur whatsoever.” The babies aren’t able to thermally regulate their own bodies, they need mom’s help for that.

No wonder they’re excited for spring.

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