Photographer captures squirrels operating cameras and building snowmen

Vadim Trunov is no doubt an excellent photographer. In his homeland of Russia, he takes many gorgeous pictures of wildlife. But he outdid himself during a photo shoot with a couple of rambunctious squirrels. The pictures present the rodents in hilariously human-like poses. Whether operating a camera to take photos of each other, throwing snowballs, or standing beside a miniature snowman, the squirrels act just like rowdy kids frolicking in the snow.

In reality, the squirrels were encouraged to pose in these creative ways with a thoughtful application of hidden food. To the squirrels, they’re just gathering food like any other day; it’s just the context that makes them look human.

Trunov has many more amazing photographs on his website, including some impressive macro photography where he gets up close and personal with nature.