Squirrel drunk on fermented pumpkin struggles to climb a tree

Since fermentation was discovered, we humans have established ourselves as alcohol’s biggest fans. Whether it’s enjoying a cold one out on the dock or a classy martini while out on the town, alcohol is definitely a part of our culture.

Unfortunately, it’s a double-edged sword. Too much of the stuff and suddenly your voice is too loud, your jokes too crude, and your body? Well, it stops taking simple orders like, “walk in a straight line.”

A squirrel in Minneapolis learned how a little too much happy juice can be a bad thing when it chowed down on some fermented pumpkins and was rewarded with a killer buzz.

Normally one of the most agile animals around, the squirrel in the video can barely hang onto a nearby trunk as its inebriated body struggles to stay upright. Considering that squirrels routinely leap from tree to tree high above the ground, this is a particularly vulnerable state for it to find itself in.

Fortunately, despite its highly vulnerable state, the squirrel was reportedly fine the next day and back to its normal routine.

Although it probably wouldn’t have turned down a couple of aspirin and a cold compress.