Tim Hortons introduces new Double-Double Coffee Bar

(CNW Group/Tim Hortons)

Did you know that double-double is officially recognized by the Canadian Oxford Dictionary? It’s probably not surprising considering just about every Canadian knows what this iconic term means.

Or maybe not, because starting in the fall, Canadians will have a whole new way of consuming this uniquely Canadian snack—on the go, no less. Earlier this week, Tim Hortons announced their new Double-Double Coffee Bar. The size and texture of a chocolate bar, the snack is actually made with coffee beans, which makes it ideal for when you need a bit of a boost, but don’t want to deal with long drive-thru lines.

But what we won’t know for a while is how the treat actually tastes—it won’t debut until fall 2019.

Meantime, Tim Hortons will be rolling out new beverage options this winter, including instant coffee, ready-to-drink iced coffee and iced capps. But if you are really set on consuming your double-double in something other than liquid form, might we suggest this delicious concoction? Or, you can move past the double-double altogether by exploring the hidden world of customizations at the coffee giant.

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