7 off-menu items you can order at Tim Hortons

Tim Horton's

Ah, Timmies. It doesn’t matter whether it’s owned by Tim Horton himself, Wendy’s or even Burger King, a large burgundy cup in hand during the ride to the cottage is as crucial to the trip as filling up with gas.

But if all you get at Tims is an extra-large double-double, you may be missing out. There’s a whole off-menu world of food and drink customizations you can explore, and here are some of our favourites.

Half hot chocolate, half coffee

If a whole cup of hot chocolate is too sweet, and a cup of coffee too. This combo is the perfect in-between mocha confection. Not in a mocha mood? Get half coffee, half French vanilla.

Unsweetened iced coffee

Not all of us like sweet coffee — but in the dead of summer, we don’t really want a hot cup of joe. If you want cool caffeination without all the sugar, just ask for your iced coffee with milk in place of the beverage base.

Chocolatey iced capp

For a chilly mocha drink, ask for your iced capp to be made with chocolate milk. (And if regular iced capps are too creamy for you, ask for your drink to be made with regular milk.)

Add a tea bag

According to one Tims employee we talked to, adding a flavoured tea bag to hot chocolate is a popular option. Favourite combos include a peppermint tea bag in regular hot chocolate, or a blueberry tea bag in white hot chocolate.

Toast your doughnuts

This doesn’t work so well on iced doughnuts, but if your apple fritter, old-fashioned glazed or plain cake doughnut is run through the toaster, it’ll get warm and soft—the perfect accompaniment to your double-double, especially on a chilly day.

Top your bagel

Not up for a full-on sandwich? Just ask for a slice of cheese on your bagel. It might cost you a little extra, but not as much as a sammy. You can also add cucumbers and tomatoes for a little more heft—the veggies go especially well with herbed cream cheese.

Grilled sandwich

Tims’ servers will ask if you’d like your sandwich toasted, but if you want to take your lunch to the next level, ask for them to put it in the panini press instead. It might take a little longer, but the taste is worth it.

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