Potties with unbelievably gorgeous views

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Collingwood native Gavin Boutet was working for the Alpine Club of Canada and, well, perched on a potty when he had a revelation. Few people, he realized, knew that these high-altitude potties existed. What’s more, they were missing a spectacular view of the Canadian Rockies. Camera in hand, Boutet began snapping pics, which, eventually, he compiled for his new book Poo with a View.

Boutet calls these sky-high outhouses, “the unsung heroes because they control a very important thing and that’s our fecal matter,” he says. “Without outhouses in place [backcountry and national parks] wouldn’t be a very good experience for the visitor.”

Potties are often the subject of much discussion for cottagers as outhouses play an important part in the cottage experience. Scroll through photos of unique outhouse designs or learn about the origins of tandem toilets.

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