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Check out the beer can wallpaper in this unique outhouse

Norm Dinner and his brother-in-law Dave Fox didn’t just want an outhouse—they wanted the “ultimate man-throne.” That’s exactly what they made using beer cans for wallpaper.

Starting with a sad, rotting building at the cottage on Manitouwabing Lake, Ont., they rebuilt it and then papered the top half of the interior walls with pages from their favourite magazines (including this one—aww, thanks, guys!), turned a Muskoka chair into the privy’s power seat and, for the rest of the decor, looked to their booze of choice: beer.

“We decided to create a beer-can quilt of sorts by cutting off the tops and bottoms of the cans, slitting the sides, and fastening them flat to the wall with stainless steel staples,” says Dinner.

They’ve collected aluminum cans to represent “all corners of the globe.” And they’re not about to stop: “It’s a bit of a sickness,” admits Dinner. Friends and visitors bring new brews to add to the collection. “We still receive text messages with photos asking, ‘Do you have this one yet?’”

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