Amazon deals you need to take advantage of for closing the cottage

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While it never seems fair, the cold weather is here and summer cottage season has come to an end. Now it’s time to close up the cottage. Here are some Amazon deals that will make the process of closing up as efficient and painless as possible.

Orbit Telescopic Gutter Cleaning Wand

With fall comes soggy leaves and clogged eavestroughs. If your troughs are filled with leaves over the winter, water from rain and melting snow can become trapped and leak into your roof. Use the Orbit gutter cleaning wand to clear out the leaves before closing the cottage for the winter.

Buy:, $20.67

Shelter Galvanized Steel Chimney Cap

As cold weather descends, critters will be looking for a warm place to find shelter. You can keep them out of the cottage by installing the Shelter Galvanized Steel Chimney Cap on the top of your chimney.

Buy:, $38.98

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Frost Blanket

All summer you’ve laboured over your cottage garden only to watch your plants shrivel up in the cold. To ensure a healthy bloom next year, consider covering your plants with a frost blanket because plants like to stay warm too.

Buy:, $20.99

Vivosun Insulated Spiral Pipe Wrap

A burst pipe is the last thing you want to deal with come spring. It can lead to water damage and impact your ability to open the cottage. To make sure your pipes stay protected even on the coldest of nights, you can protect them by wrapping them in Vivosun’s insulated spiral pipe wrap.

Buy:, $9.99

Dry & Dry Gel Packets

As your cottage is battered by rain and snow over winter, it’s easy for moisture to leak in. This can cause items to mould and rot. To wick away moisture, place Dry & Dry Gel Packets in places such as cupboards and pantries.

Buy:, $10.99

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Fluentpower Portable Submersible Pump

Depending on the height of your water table and where runoff drains, your cottage could experience flooding come spring when the snow starts to melt. To avoid a waterlogged cottage, install Fluentpower’s portable sump pump.

Buy:, $47.28

Koch Zinc-Plated Chain

As a final step to lock up your cottage for the year, run a chain across your driveway to keep intruders out or use it to lock up your boat on your property.

Buy:, $19.19

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