4 closing-up tasks you don’t want to forget

By Rolf_52/Shutterstock

It’s closing time! You’ve emptied, cleaned, drained, and anti-freezed the heck out of everything. Right? Right?

When you’re draining the plumbing, don’t forget:

Flexible sprayer lines (in sinks and showers, for example); supply and drain lines for the washing machine and dishwasher; outdoor hoses; your fancy new fridge with an ice-maker.

When you’re animal proofing, don’t forget:

To clean the crumbs out of the toaster, seal all dry goods in sturdy containers, and empty your barbecue’s grease trap. And if you neglect to put a cap or cover on the chimney, something will probably come down the chimney. It won’t be Santa.

When you’re turning off the power, don’t forget:

To unplug or disconnect anything that uses electricity—including baseboard heaters and all pumps—before you turn off the juice at the main breaker. If everything’s unplugged, you won’t risk a destructive (and sometimes fiery and terrifying) power surge when you throw the main switch in the spring.

When you’re closing the shed, don’t forget:

To prep your non-power tools. Spray the rust-prone parts with WD-40 and wrap them in towels or rags to keep the corrosion at bay. Shove garden tools, blade-side down, into buckets of sand mixed with vegetable oil.


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