Meet the Paddling Bryans

The modern day voyageurs will appear at the Fall Cottage Life Show

High on the list of things we love about the cottage, is taking a canoe ride across the lake. There’s nothing like dipping your paddle into crystal clear waters and getting away from it all.

At the Fall Cottage Life Show, you can meet a couple of characters who take getting away from it all to a new level. The Paddling Bryans are two modern day voyageurs who share their adventures in their TV series on Travel + Escape Television. In season 2, the Bryans journey down the Colorado River on a 2,330 km canoeing adventure of a lifetime. Travelling from Colorado down to California, the Bryans must navigate some difficult waters to make it to the U.S. border as they attempt to paddle into Mexico.

Bryan Adams is from Saint-Sauveur, Quebec, Canada. He is a canoe lover by day and party animal by night. As a bartender, Bryan has worked in many of Montreal’s downtown bars and nightclubs but he’ll never let his late nights get in the way of an early morning paddle. He is an expert and enthusiast when it comes to rivers and lakes and has an incredible thirst for knowledge. Bryan would like to be known for as the guy who paddled along all the freshwater this planet has to offer.

Bryan Wallwork is from Montreal, Quebec, Canada. He is an ironworker and all-around adventurer. Bryan’s interests include canoeing, blowing things up, tying knots and (of course) beer! He loves the outdoors and meeting new people, almost as much as he loves bugging his best buddy Bryan Adams. Bryan has a never say die attitude and can often be heard screaming his motto as he canoes class 4 rapids “Go big or go home, baby!”

The Paddling Bryans will be appearing at the Fall Cottage Life Show, October 26-28, in a daily presentation in the Great Outdoors, and can also be found in the Blue Ant Media booth #766.

Friday 12:30pm
Saturday 1:30pm
Sunday 10:30am

Watch the premier episode: