Cottage Association to meet at the Fall Cottage Life Show

The Federation of Ontario Cottagers’ Association’s (FOCA) Fall Seminar will be held on Friday, October 26, from 5 p.m. to 7:30 p.m., right on site at this year’s 2012 Fall Cottage Life Show. The seminar is open to everyone who wants to register; you don’t have to be a FOCA member to attend. Admission to the show is included in your registration, so you can come early and take in more than 200 cottage exhibits, then attend the seminar and catch up with FOCA news and friends.

You’ll particularly want to attend if you’re concerned about your 2012 property assessment. FOCA’s special guest this year is Larry Hummel, MPAC’s Chief Assessor and Vice-President, Valuation, who will provide an update on the new property assessments released this fall.

On a lighter note, the editors of Cottage Life magazine will be hosting a “Best of the Cottage” smackdown in the Cottage Life booth at the show. At FOCA’s annual general meeting last March, FOCA guests helped us compile a list of what we love best about the cottage. We carried on the conversation at the Spring Cottage Life Show. This fall, we’re continuing the fun. Check in and cast your vote before you leave.

To register for the FOCA Fall Seminar, click here.