Introducing the Cottage Coach

Adam Holman Adam Holman a.k.a. the Cottage Coach

We are one week away from the launch of our new exclusive web series, Cottage Coach. The series follows DIY expert, Adam Holman, as he takes on essential cottage jobs such as fixing a broken pipe or replacing a rotten deck board. And, true to real cottage living, Adam also combines his DIY projects with easy breezy pastimes including fishing, barbecuing, and socializing with fellow cottagers. In short, Adam’s the kind of guy you want to hang out with at the lake.

What does cottaging mean to you?

The cottage is an escape. Leaving the city, listening to the birds, teaching my son about animal tracks, and building a fire. It’s about getting outside and enjoying nature to its fullest.

What makes you a great Cottage Coach?

Working with my hands has always been a passion. I’ve always been the guy who you can call to help you fix something, or build something, or to just toss ideas around with. And if I don’t know the answer, I’m going to look it up and let you know. I never stop learning and no one ever should. Doing it yourself is a tradition at the cottage, and learning tips and tricks from each other makes your own handy work much more enjoyable.

Adam Holman

What’s your favourite cottage build?

My camerawoman Amanda and I filmed a few DIY episodes last year at my in-laws’ place, and I built an “in-ground fire pit.” We used local flagstone and created an underground air-intake. So far, that’s been my favourite project. But there are many more to come!

What are your top cottage secrets:

  • Shampoo attracts mosquitoes.
  • Have a quick swim before bed.
  • Wake up early before everyone else, because then you get the whole lake to yourself!

Biggest cottage fail:

Umm, not having enough beer? Can we say that?

Adam Holman-cutting-fish

Cottage Coach launches on Thursday, June 27th exclusively on and on our Cottage Life YouTube channel. Subscribe now!


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