3 refreshing drinks to try this summer

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It’s summer—a.k.a. the best time to hit the deck or dock with a cold drink in hand. In preparation, Cottage Lifers taste-tested a few of the latest adult beverages on offer. Cheers!

Coors Slice

Photo courtesy of Coors

What is it?

A 4.2% “light and fruity” beer with a hint—yes, just a hint, Coors promises—of orange. Actually, calling it a “hint” might be too strong. A whisper of orange? A suspicion of orange?

Testers said…

“Subtle. It smells stronger than it tastes.”

“Nice for hot weather, or for a novice beer drinker.”

“I think it would work great in a shandy.”

“It’s like a cup of summer in your mouth!”

The verdict

If you enjoy light beer and you don’t hate citrus, hey, give this a try. If you’re truly craving orange flavour…just eat an orange.


Photo courtesy of Aquarelle

What is it?

Vodka-spiked (5%) sparkling water in a 100-calorie can. (But it absolutely sounds like the name of Aquaman’s evil mermaid cousin. Don’t steal our plot idea, Molson Canada.)

Testers said…

“The vodka wasn’t overly present, which was nice. Sometimes these vodka beverages can be overpowering.”

“You could drink nine of these and not gain any weight. The lemon-lime is like a lighter gin and tonic.”

“No preservatives or sugar—that’s a big plus.”

“The can is hard to read.”

The verdict

Refreshing and palate-cleansing. Most testers preferred the passion fruit flavour over the lemon lime.

Strongbow Rosé Apple Cider

Photo courtesy of Strongbow

What is it?

A semi-dry 5% cider made with red-fleshed apples—literally, apples with red, not white, flesh.

Testers said…

“This would be a perfect drink for a wedding or baby shower. Or add it to red or white sangria during a girls’ weekend.”

“It’s a good-looking drink. Much nicer than what you get when you mix rosé wine with regular hard cider. Which I did once.”

“Other rosé ciders that I’ve tried tasted vaguely…soapy. This one didn’t. That’s a win!”

“I’d use it as a mixer. Or maybe, in a trifle. Does saying that make me 100 years old?”

The verdict

It goes down like juice, and it’s definitely pretty. Your trifle won’t taste like soap, Grandma!


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