This DIY in-ground firepit is the perfect place to make cottage memories

Updated: February 6, 2019

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Nothing caps off a night at the cottage like the familiar glow and crackle of a campfire. This DIY in-ground firepit is the perfect project if you need a place to gather. Then, it’s only a matter of time before someone breaks out a guitar and starts singing Wonderwall.

  • Find a flat and level area before laying out your blocks that will act as the inner walls of your firepit. Measure the width and height before digging your hole. If your bottom layer is perfectly level, every layer after that should be level as well. Backfill and pack any extra gap around the outside.
  • Use a non-combustible material such as HVAC pipe to create an airflow vent. This will help feed oxygen to your fire.  We used 5″ pipe and sloped it downward to help with any drainage after rainfall. Use a 90° transition to bring your pipe to the surface and a drainage grate to finish it off.
  • We added some screening and local flagstone to finish off the top of our surface.