‘Fast and Flurrious’ and ‘Ctrl Salt Delete’ among winners of North Bay’s snowplow naming contest

In North Bay, Ont., where the winters are long, cold, and most of all, snowy, residents are brightening the overcast days of winter by way of some punny snowplow names.

In May of this year, members of the public were invited to enter the city’s Name the Plow contest by submitting potential names for five of the city’s snowplows ahead of the 2023 winter season. Out of 300 creative submissions, a shortlist of 18 names, including Emperor Plowpatine, Gordie Plow, Han Snowlo, Scoopy Doo, and Snow More Mr. Ice Guy, was announced in October.

“After a flurry of votes,” read the city’s press release, cast by over 600 North Bay residents, the winners were announced on the morning of November 20 by Mayor Peter Chirico at the North Bay public works facility.

The winners were:

  • Ctrl Salt Delete
  • Catch My Drift
  • Goon Makwa (Ojibwe translation for Snow Bear)
  • Fast and Flurrious
  • The Snowminator

The hilariously clever names befitting the snowy season are now displayed on the snowplows along with a graphic related to each plows name.

Deputy mayor Maggie Horsfield is a big fan. “We let the company who designed them, See-More Graphics and Signs, have free reign, and I think they did a really great job,” she says. “I’ve already started to look out for which plow’s doing my street. It’s nice, it feels a little more personal.”

“We’re thrilled with the community’s response to the Name the Plow contest,” says councillor Lana Mitchell, the chair of the infrastructure and operations committee. “Thanks to everyone who participated. We’re looking forward to seeing these named snowplows in action as they clear our streets this winter.”

Horsfield shared that there might be more naming to come. “I think the city is going to be looking at other vehicles to see what else we can name because it was a lot of fun, and people really enjoyed engaging with the city in that way. The city also recently purchased a few new plows, and we’ll be naming those once they come in.”

Variations of the Name the Plow contest, a fun way to bring the community together and spread joy during the winter season, are taking place in cities across Canada this year, including in Orangeville, Ont., Hamilton, Ont., Vaughan, Ont., Edmonton, Alta., Saint John, N.B., and Kingston, Ont.

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