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Why you need to convert your ATV into a plow

diy snow plow on atv with boy riding atv Photo by Derek McNaughton

It sounds weird, but few outdoor tasks are as satisfying as plowing snow with an ATV. The curl of powder flowing over the blade, the tidy path behind you, the joy of a machine doing hard labour—it’s a task requiring focus as much as a stout plow. A good plow kit, which costs about $550, will not only clear deep snow from long laneways in just minutes, it also opens up the possibility of creating Zamboni-grade skating rinks on the lake without the exhausting work of shovelling by hand.

Depending on the manufacturer, plows attach simply to an ATV, usually with just a couple of tab- or lynch-pins clipped to a pre-fastened mount. A plow moves up or down via an ATV’s winch rope, and the blade angle is usually set by pulling a hand lever. Sure, a plow takes up space in the shed, but it’s a lot more fun than shovelling two feet of misery off a 250-foot driveway—or paying someone else to do it.

And a hot tip for parents wanting to take a break? ATV plows are so fun, the kids will beg to do the plowing.

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