14 beautiful winter landscape photos

There’s a certain feeling when you step outside on a crisp winter day.  It may be cold, yes, but the world seems a bit more bright and a little more clear. And though a day in January may not inspire the same warmth as the sun sparkling on the lake in late August or the refreshing feeling of finally jumping into the cool lake, snow and ice can offer their own type of magic. Winter gets a bad rap—just think about the comforting smell of a woodstove, a warm cup of hot chocolate, or the silence as a new blanket of snow falls outside.

Do you go to the cottage in the winter? Often it can offer a whole new perspective on how you see the lake, and we’re all for making the best of any and all outdoor time. We love when you share with us, so make sure you tag us in all your winter shots! You can submit them using #cottagelifesub on Instagram for the chance to be featured too.

Here are some of our favourite winter landscape photos from our photo contest as well as photos you’ve tagged us in on Instagram to inspire your appreciation for this time of year.

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