Quiz: Which of these Canadian small town names are real?

Eyebrow, SK

Imagine you’ve been given the responsibility of naming a new township. You climb to a high point to survey the area, you ponder the people that live there and the industries that are flourishing, and you finally speak aloud the name that will forever define this community: Cow Head, Newfoundland. Or Crotch Lake, Ontario. Or Eyebrow, Saskatchewan.

Yes, those names are all real. There are thousands of cities, towns, and villages in Canada, and with numbers like those, they can’t all be winners. In fact, many place names in this country are bizarre, whimsical, crude, or silly. To prove it, we’ve compiled a list of some of the weirdest names in the country, with a few fake-out names thrown in. Can you tell which are real and which aren’t? Here’s a hint: truth is stranger than fiction.

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