Albertan couple weds at Tim Hortons in most Canadian wedding of all time

Couple kisses outside of Tim Hortons

When a Lethbridge couple’s plans to have a destination wedding in Mexico fell through, the two decided instead to have their wedding at a Canadian venue they already know and love—their local Tim Hortons.

Not only were Greg Arlett and Adonus Wiseman married at the coffee chain named for the famous NHL defenceman, but they each wore the hockey jerseys of their favourite teams during their vows. That’s the Oilers for him, and the Habs for her—a difference that might cause discord for many hockey fans, though for Arlett and Wiseman, love is stronger than hockey rivalries.

“We talk about hockey together but we don’t bash each other’s teams,” Wiseman told Global News. “We love each other but we’re allowed to have the difference.”

The wedding was attended by about 50 guests, who also wore the jerseys of their favourite teams. The wedding’s officiant was dressed as a referee, and as he led the couple through the ceremony, Stompin’ Tom Connors’ “The Hockey Song” played in the background. The couple then made the ultimate gesture of love—they switched teams, Wiseman removing her Habs jersey to reveal an Oilers dress underneath, while Arlett donned the Habs jersey himself.

The Tim Hortons ended up being a perfect venue for the couple. “I can’t remember who brought up Tim Hortons, but it was a perfect fit,” family friend Juanita Devos told Global News. “They never go anywhere without a Tim Hortons cup.”

“I feel . . . like this is exactly where we’re supposed to be,” Wiseman said.