Bank robbers flee the scene of the crime — to a Tim Hortons drivethru

A Tim Hortons location from the outside Photo courtesy of Marek Ślusarczyk

Let’s say you’ve just pulled off a big score and suddenly have a big wad of cash to spend. Where do you go? What do you buy?

Apparently, a couple who robbed a bank in New Brunswick last month had no trouble answering that question. The man and woman, both from Moncton, didn’t waste any time after their heist before heading to Tim Hortons.

Of course, robbing a bank is a serious crime and not to be taken lightly, but nevertheless, you have to appreciate this couple’s loyalty to Tim’s, especially since they clearly could have afforded a more costly cup of coffee. Tim Hortons is actually famously inexpensive — in fact, one customer found that the most expensive drink they were able to create was $8.80.

The bank robbery occurred not long before the arrest. Employees of RBC bank said a man came in with a partially covered face but no weapon and demanded money from a teller. He got away with several thousands of dollars.

The RBC employees gave the RCMP a description of the man’s car, and an officer spotted it south on the highway. He tailed it until it exited into the Tim Hortons drivethru, and arrested the couple. All in all, the crime and its aftermath were handled in quite an orderly fashion. “They were able to proceed with the arrest and a safe arrest for everyone. Nobody was hurt at the bank or during the arrest, which is nice to see,” Sgt. Patrick Tardif told the CBC.

As for what the the couple was planning to buy at Timmy’s, that we may never know. They were arrested prior to placing their order.

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