Tim Hortons voted most trusted brand in Canada

Canadians believe in Timbits, Double-doubles, and Iced Capps.

According to a new report, Tim Horton’s is the most trusted brand in Canada, beating out President’s Choice, Shopper’s Drug Mart, and Canadian Tire.

The inaugural Gustavson Brand Trust Index, which comes out of the Peter B. Gustavson School of Business at the University of Victoria, examines how Canadian consumers view brands when making purchases. The report surveyed 3,125 consumer attitudes on 40 attributes, including quality, honesty, reliability, community and social responsibility, innovation, and value for money.

The top 10 most-trusted brands
1. Tim Horton’s
2. President’s Choice
3. Shopper’s Drug Mart
4. Google
5. Canadian Tire
6. Kraft Foods
7. Campbell Soup Company
8. Heinz
9. Canada Post
10. Johnson & Johnson

Respondents ranked 249 international, national, and regional companies and brands. The only non-Canadian brand to make it into the top five was Google, which beat out Apple to become the top technology company.

In an interview with Global News, David Dunne, a professor at the Gustavson School of Business, said Tim Horton’s nabbed the number one spot thanks to its role in local communities.

“If you look at their works in the community scores, they are off the scale. They really have leveraged community work there, “ said Dunne.

On the other hand, Dunne chalks President’s Choice’s runner-up title for its value among consumers, while Canada Post made it into the top 10 due to its fair treatment of workers.

And who were the least-trusted brands? The insurance companies, travel agencies, utility companies, and cable companies.