6 essential items for when the power goes out

Fresh succulent salmon steaks flavoured with sprigs of thyme grilling on aluminum foil on a barbecue grill Photo by stockcreations/Shutterstock

Power outages are all part of the cottage adventure! The key, of course, is to be prepared. Keeping a few basic power-outage tools on hand might just be the key to getting through a weekend without power.

Grill and fuel for pretty much all your cooking needs. If you have the latest propane outdoor grill with a side burner, you’re all set to make meals just as in your kitchen, with a lidded grill acting as your oven. (You can also boil water on a camp stove or a small hot plate that is butane-powered.)

Cast iron frying pan or griddle for sautéing on the grill or over the fire is useful. (Pay attention: the handles get very hot.)

Heavy-duty aluminum foil for making packages to cook a variety of foods in over the coals. 

A pail for fetching water from the lake (if your pump is out). Designate a large pot for heating water on the grill for cleanup. If you want to get fancy you can get hand-or gravity-operated camping-style water filter to treat your drinking water. 

Stovetop espresso pot or coffee press for an electricity-free way to keep people happy in the morning.

Ice packs in the freezer so that you can quickly transfer them, with any perishable foods, into a well-insulated cooler if the power goes out. Pack the items you are going to use last on the bottom: open the cooler only when necessary.

Bonus! A 24-hour emergency kit to keep in a mouse-proof box containing bottled water; shelf-stable ultrapasteurized or UHT processed milk (such as Organic Meadow); cereal; a carton of hearty soup (or soup mix and stock cubes); crackers; a main dish (such as freeze-dried camping-style lasagna, a box of mac and cheese, or a family favourite in a can); snacks such as granola bars, raisins, almonds, gingersnaps; instant coffee and tea bags; and chocolate.


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