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Keep your grill tidy with this sweet DIY loon BBQ scraper

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Loony about loons? Barbecue in need of cleaning? Combine your passion for water-based birds with your need to clean by designing this DIY Loon BBQ Scraper. Click here for the template.


  • Begin by cutting out your paper template, then cut your 1×5 pine board to your desired scraper length. We made ours 17 inches long.
  • Find the centre of your board and draw a line down the length of the board. The centre of your loon template should line up with the line you’ve drawn. Trace out the loon in pencil.
  • Cut out your loon with a jigsaw and sand if necessary. We used a router to bevel the edges.
  • Drill a small hole and add your hanger.
  • BBQ scrapers are a safer alternative to wire brushes.