6 clever storage hacks for organizing your workshop

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Heading out to the shed to do a long-awaited project should feel like an oasis of calm, but it can end up feeling the opposite if your toolshed is messy and disorganized. But there are a number of storage hacks you can use to clear up clutter and create space where previously none existed. From the pegboard leaves to magnetic bit strips, we’ve gathered this list of clever storage hacks that will transform your workshop into an organized paradise.

Pro tips for organizing your toolshed

Use pegboard to create a ‘tool zine’

If you’re old enough to remember CD stores, then you might also remember flipping through racks of posters displayed in vinyl frames. One way to make the most of your storage space is copy this method, by mounting pegboard sideways onto a wall and attaching tools to each side to create a “tool zine.” You’ll be able to fit twice as many tools in the exact same amount of space. Instructions here.

Use a tie rack to store wrenches

Instead of storing wrenches in a drawer where they can easily get mixed up, hang them on a tie rack or a belt rack from your clothes closet instead. This storage hack allows you to assess all of the wrenches you own in a single glance while eliminating any unsightly mess.

Use pie tins as storage pockets for blades

Sharp tools like sanding discs, circular saw blades, and abrasive discs can be difficult—if not dangerous—to store. If stowed away in drawers, you run the risk of cutting your hand while sifting through the blades trying to find the right one. Instead, use use pie tins (not the disposable ones) that have been sawed in half and mounted on a wall to store your circular sharps instead. It’s much safer, less confusing, and rather ingenious.

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Use a rotary bit organizer

Rather than rifling through a giant, multi-purpose toolbox for your rotary bits, invest in a rotary bit organizer to give all of your small bits a home. These inventive organizers make everything visible to save you from fruitless hours spent searching for one specific bit.

Use a magnetic tool holder

Keeping drill bits organized can be a challenge but not if you store them on magnetic strips. For a simple solution, affix some adhesive magnetic tape to the side of a table. Upgrade the solution by investing in a magnetic tool holder or repurposing a magnetic knife rack to store tools. You’ll be grateful you did.

Use binder clips to hold bandsaw blades

If improperly stored, bandsaw blades run the risk of uncoiling and causing injury if you’re not careful. To make sure they don’t accidentally come undone, use binder clips to keep them clamped and hang them on pegboard hooks where they are fully visible.

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