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7 DIY organization projects to tackle this weekend

Sometimes it’s the little tweaks and changes that can make the biggest impact on your space. But, it’s often the same projects we like to put off. After all, who really wants to take the time to nail that shelf to the wall when they can be cozied up by the fire with a book or outside soaking up some sun?

There’s no better time than the present to put your time to good use and freshen up your space—we make it easy with these DIY projects that will completely change the functionality of your cottage. Not only are they super simple, you’ll gain a sense of pride from a job well done and have something to show off and brag about to the family.

From kitchen storage to toolbox transformations, we’ve got you covered when it comes to making your space work for you. Looking for more DIY organization inspiration? Check out these projects:

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