Gorgeous snowshoe art you can make yourself

There’s a new fad taking place on the snow. Led by residents and campers, snowshoe art has hit the small northern Ontario town of Schreiber.

The designs dotting nearby lakes are, “based on work by Simon Beck, a cartographer and snow artist from England,” explained Kim Asmussen, who is taking part in the snowshoe art. The artistic renderings are composed using a series of intersecting lines or circles.

Check out the incredible snow shoe art made by Kim Asmussen on Walkers Lake, in Schreiber, ON.

Posted by Evan's Fishing Edge on Saturday, March 21, 2020

The outdoor activity has a fairly low barrier to entry; all you need are snowshoes, a compass (if you’re making larger shapes), a tape measure to pace your distances, and a long rope to make larger circles.

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“If you have difficulty making a small circle then just put a pole or stick in the ground and walk around it,” recommends Asmussen.

You’ll also want to choose a spot on the lake where the snow is likely to remain undisturbed. Sunny weather, he says, is the best time to make the designs because the lines are easier to see.

Don’t wait to pull out your camera to capture the moment, there’s a good chance wind will blow your design away or a fresh drop of snow will cover it up.

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