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Rake in the compliments with this handy DIY rack

Kitchen supplies hanging from rake head By Stacey Brandford

Here’s an idea that hold’s up: Clever cottagers repurposed an old rake that would have lingered, unused, at the back of a shed for the rest of its days. In this reincarnation, the rake comes back as a functional pot rack, but we thought of several other variations for the little gem. Use it to hang coats, fireplace utensils, barbecue tools, dishtowels, beach towels, garden tools, or just about anything that needs a hook.


Discarded metal garden rake

Screwdriver and 2 ¼” screw

Soap and steel wool

Latex paint (if desired)

Step 1:

Salvage. You’ll easily find old garden tools at garage sales, flea markets, and in your own tool shed.

Step 2:

Prep. Remove the metal rake head from its wooden handle. If you have trouble separating them, throw the rake in a campfire and fish out the head once the ashes have cooled. Clean the rake well with soap and steel wool to get rid of soil and leaf residue.

Step 3:

Mount. Drill a pilot hole where you wish to hang the rake. Then screw through the existing hole in the rake head and into the pilot hole.


  • Be sure to screw the rake rack into a wall stud if you plan to hang heavy objects.
  • Paint the rake with latex paint to match your space.

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