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One of the best parts about heading up to the cottage in the summer is unquestionably taking a dip in a crystal clear, refreshing lake. But while most people enjoy a casual swim, there are some swimmers who  are more comfortable in water than they are on land. We’ve gathered a list of gifts that will be sure to satisfy the avid swimmer in your life.

Waterproof Swimming Nose Clip

Help the swimmer in your life avoid the unpleasant “water in the brain” feeling with a pair of handy and practical nose plugs.

Speedo Silicone Cap

A swimming cap is a key accessory that helps to reduce drag in the water.

Nature’s Aid Multi-Purpose Skin Gel
















This natural product will soothe burned skin after an entire day spent outdoors in the water.

Das King Inflatable Paddleboard Kit

Most swimmers love a challenge, and paddleboarding is no exception. Das King’s inflatable paddleboard set is a great starter kit to expand the swimmer in your life’s horizons.

Swimming Studies

An autobiographical memoir written by Canadian author and illustrator Leeanne Shapton that explores her suburban childhood spent engaged in both competitive and recreational swimming.

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Quick Drying Sport Towel

Dry off quickly with this super absorbent towel that can hold up to 4 times its weight in water. The carrying bag makes it super convenient to haul down to the dock or the beach.

Webbed Swim Gloves

Satisfy your swimmer’s need for speed with these neoprene webbed training gloves.

Swimmer Crew Socks

There’s nothing like a pair of novelty socks tailored to a person’s interests to make the perfect gift.

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